Bonuses For Relationship Book
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The purpose of the book is to give women who feel unfulfilled in their relationship the clarity to know who they are and what they want. Angelika empowers them with the tools to either revive their relationship or leave securely and without regret.

Here are the many Bonuses included in your purchase of the book How to Revive Your Relationship or Leave Without Regret Book
  •  Our Relationship Agreements
  • ​Prayers To Release and Let Go of Attachments to a Past Relationship
  • ​Heroic Self-Love Guide 
  • ​Warning Signs in Your Relationship
  • ​Meditation For Women in Committed Relationships Audio
  • ​Your Relationship Vision Guide
  • ​Non-Negotiable List 


Hear It From Others

Karl Michaelson 
Motivational Speaker & Media Expert 

" I want to share with you that this incredible woman Angelika Christie, that you are thinking about spending time with and learning from is somebody that can totally transform your life. I’ve had an opportunity to see her really touch peoples lives and create just an emotion and a transformation in them that they haven’t experienced before. She is a complete light, she has the highest level of integrity and I promise you that if you spend some personal time with her she will take you to a whole other level in you life that you never could have imagined."

Hear It From Others

Dawn Rolle

Performer, Producer,Director, Writer  

"So many amazing things have happened to me in Angelika’s coaching and course. Her teachings made my mind so much more at ease. I feel like I have many more choices now. Before I started with her, my negative thoughts were overriding the positive thoughts and now it’s just the opposite; I’m more of a positive person. I’m also much more active now. What I liked so much was going to the beach every morning with Angelika and the group… it was awesome. The 30 days of the course changed my life in a profound way. I feel confident now to step up and produce my next play. So this is a great program and I highly recommend it and it’s worth every Dollar…and thank you so much Angelika."

About The Author 

Angelika studied human behavior and relationship dynamics from a spiritual as well as a psychological aspect for over 3 decades. In 2013 she studied with Christian Pankhurst and received her Heart I/Q Relationship Coach certification in 2014.

Dr Angelika Christie’s areas of expertise include:
Wellness (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual)
New Identity (New Core Values, Confidence, Unapologetic, and Authentic)
Leadership (Core Values, Courage, Commitment, Generosity, Advantage-points)
Relationship (With Self, with your Partner, revive your Relationship or leave without regret. Know what you desire, Self- Love)

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